Bringing into focus the beauty in everyday life.

Two years ago we spent 5 months travelling, mainly on a road trip around Europe. It was awesome, photo opportunities were abound.  Then we came home and when the glow from the trip faded so did my photo mojo.  I used to find lots to photograph in my everyday life before we left and in that way I used to find the beautiful parts of everyday life. I’d like to make my eyes see those things again and I’d like to improve my photography skills. So this year I’d like to focus my blog more on my photography, to help me enjoy photography again and the beauty in everyday life.

Although commitment to this sort of thing is not my strong point (read here), to give me some structure I’ve decided to follow the Dogwood Photography 52 Week Challenge.  If you’d like to know more about that challenge click here. Many of the challenges are portrait challenges.  I don’t think I’ll have many willing subjects, so I guess that means lot of selfies! I’m hoping to write a little about my photos too, to give them context and allow people to assess how successful I’ve been at what I was trying to achieve with them. Don’t be shy about letting me know. (;

I still love travelling, being a parent and reading good books, so I expect to be writing about those topics and others like I’ve done before.

I started blogging with the simple thought that I had some ideas and stories I wanted to share to help people and connect with people who had similar interests and experiences. This is exactly what has happened, I’ve really enjoyed it, and that’s why I’m here again for 2016. Also, please excuse the pun in the title.


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