I’m sorry, I don’t speak your language…

When I was reading through the weekly challenges for the Dogwood 52, the large amount of landscapes didn’t worry me.  Especially not the first basic landscape challenge.  Yet, somehow this past week I have felt completely stumped.  I decided that I just don’t speak the language of landscape photography. The camera settings required were almost a complete mystery to me. I felt boxed into the idea of searching for a traditional landscape of a picturesque scene.  The kids and I even took a day trip to the country side in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing.  Here are some shots it delivered.

I pulled over a few times on the way home in an attempt to capture the rural landscape. The sun was lower and this helped. Captured on a handheld Fuji X-E2 set to 1/170 16 400.

The first shot is my favourite and the one I submit for the challenge.  I clicked the shutter release many times that day, but it never felt right. Each shot felt like playing roulette. I didn’t feel in control.  It could have just be my negative attitude.  It could also be because I tried to really push myself to learn how to use my wider angle lens instead of my portrait lens (Fujinon Lenses XF18mm F2 R (135 equivalent: 27mm) vs XF56mm F1.2 R (135 equivalent: 84 mm).  The sunlight was extremely strong and has deepened my desire for a ND filter or polarising filter.  Minding children while hiking up a big rocky hill, also probably didn’t help with my concentration levels.

Despite my disgruntled mood regarding my photography, we did have a lovely day out at the Hanging Rock Reserve. The fresh air and open space did us the world of good.  I plan to write about our little trip soon.

Here another couple of shots I took on the day from near the summit.

Looking out on the dry dry land from near the summit of Hanging Rock. Captured on handheld Fuji XE-2 set to 1/210 16 400.
View from Hanging Rock. Captured on handheld Fuji X-E2 set to 1/4000 4.5 400.


Overall, this week’s experience has hardened my resolve to work on my photography. To learn more, to practice more and to work on my mindset. I think this photography challenge is working it’s magic.

Please offer any opinions or tips you may have in the comments section. I’m keen to hear what people think, since my thinking felt distorted.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. chilisarang says:

    I like the 3rd photo best. But, the first 2 are still good, though 🙂

    1. mumsumsum says:

      Thanks for your feedback. (:

  2. I really like the second and third photos, struggling to close a favorite as they both have their unique qualities that makes them a pleasure to view

    1. mumsumsum says:

      Thanks for all your kind comments. It’s really encouraging.

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