Seeing Red…

The challenge for the Dogwood 52 week 3 was to take a photograph with red as the main focus.  This week I also felt clueless.  I’m hoping this is because I was again challenged to get outside my comfort zone.

dogwoodweek3_ - 1 (2)
What feels redder than a couple of red Ferrari’s? Captured on a handheld Fujifilm X-E2 set to 1/125 1.4 200.

My main learning this week is that a staged shoot takes so much time and I didn’t allow enough.  If I had more time for test shots, trying different arrangements of the props and lighting etc I would have been able to overcome my inexperience a bit better.  I really like the final photo though and I had plenty of fun creating it. I especially like the reflections.

I was inspired by this still-life by ShootingShaun, who is also participating in the challenge, albeit with much greater skill than I. My other piece of inspiration was a red mesh basket we have to store soft toys for the kids. My initial thought was to use it like a filter to shoot through, but it didn’t really make things look red enough. In the end I used it as a background.


The final set-up. Using morning light from a window facing towards the cars.


Here are some shots that didn’t make the cut.

dogwoodweek3_ - 1
I really like the background in this one, but I didn’t think it captured the theme as well. Captured on a handheld Fujifilm X-E2 set to 1/80 2 200.
dogwoodweek3_ - 3
How do you make a shot of two red Ferrari’s even cooler? Add an epic battle between a red dragon and a red night, of course! I thought extra props distracted from the theme of red. Captured on handheld Fujifilm X-E2 set to 1/125 1/4 200.


Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated! I’m really enjoying the learning experience of doing this photography challenge.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I really like your creative use of the laundry basket, also…. A Dragon! Love it

    1. mumsumsum says:

      Thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback. (:

  2. I’m humbled that my work inspired your shoot, I really like the utilizing the laundry basket, and a dragon? Everything’s cooler with a dragon

  3. Wendy says:

    Great use of the laundry basket! Love it!

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