Black, white and hot all over.

Unlike last week, this week’s Dogwood 52 challenge felt more difficult than I had anticipated. The first hurdles of finding the time and something to photograph were tough.  I’ve had a busy week and busy mind to match.  Luckily some photography friends invited me along to the Docklands Precinct near the city and I was able to get this shot. The challenge for this week was a black and white landscape photograph.

dogwoodweek5_ - 1
Etihad Stadium from Docklands New Quay captured on a handheld Fujifilm X-E2 set 1/60 f/16 ISO 320. Cropped and some adjustments made to contrast and exposure in post processing.

It was a baking hot day and walking around an area with lots of cement was not very enjoyable apart from the company.  We probably spent more time at the pub escaping the heat than outside taking photos!

I wish the boat sailing through was closer to the foreground.  Maybe if I had waited longer it would have happened, but it was just too hot to be sitting out in the sun. It was much hotter than I had expected.  Let’s be honest, there are a lot of maybes that could have made this photo better.  I look at the settings and cannot really explain what I was thinking!

I am happy I was able to complete this week’s challenge, even though I may not be pleased with the result.  Like I said, I’ve had an intense week and making the time for photography has been difficult.  Thanks for checking in with my blog and if you have any advice or links you’d like to share regarding crafting a landscape photograph please leave them in the comments section. It seems I still haven’t got my head around landscape photography, so any help will be gratefully accepted.


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