I’m sending out a wholehearted thank you to Jansen at Dutch Goes The Photo who nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award.  I was very surprised and grateful to receive the nomination.


Jansen runs a fun and interesting photography blog.  I found his posts about his journey to becoming the great photographer he is today very helpful and inspiring, especially since my photography is going to be a focus this year.

It seems the award was created by Eve Estells at Edge of the Night.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to follow all the rules because I have a lot on my plate at the moment, but this post will cover all the ones I’m able to.  To find out more about the award click here.

Beginning my blog was prompted by a desire to join the conversations happening in the blogosphere, especially conversations about travel with kids and Graves Disease (a thyroid-related disease, read about my experience here).  Reading of other people’s first-hand experiences had helped me immensely and I guess I felt like I wanted to ‘give back,’ so receiving this award felt very special.

My advice to new bloggers is that, like so much in life, the more you put into blogging, there more you will get out of it.  It’s much easier to keep up the work when you produce content about something near and dear to you and it also makes your blog more authentic.  I believe people respond to authenticity.

Apologies to Jansen that I wasn’t able to follow all the rules, but I was very flattered that he asked me to participate.


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